CA Vision Conference Super Early Bird Discount Expires May 25th!

Dear Friends,

The vision of a world that works for all is coming together!

I’m very excited by the movements that are coming together to power up a larger Shift in our culture!

It’s high time for the spiritual folks and social change folks and mainstream powerbrokers to all work collaborative on REALLY birthing the world we know is possible.


That’s really at the core of what we’re creating this fall in Sacramento: a laboratory for us to marry the best in human potential work with the best in social change work to create real breakthroughs for our world that go beyond tribal politics into constructive solutions for our world.

And we’re going to marry it all with rockin’ good music and amazing networking with other conscious leaders.

This September 20-22, at the California Vision 2020 Conference at the Sheraton Hotel in Sacramento, join us for three days of community connection, movement building, and inspiring action. 

The California Vision 2020 Conference will create a space of transpartisanship where innovative and diverse conversations happen organically. Different perspectives are not only welcome at the table, but are eager to take a seat.

Reserve your seat at the table now! You can get the best discount available by grabbing your tickets before the Super Early Bird expires midnight on Friday, May 25th.

For example, you’ll definitely want to be there live to experience the beauty and magic of devotional artist Rickie Byars Beckwith, and the ground-breaking restorative work of Zachary Norris from the Ella Baker Center.

Spirit encourages me to be a voice of inspiration

Rickie Byars Beckwith is the Music & Arts Director of the Agape International Spiritual Center where for 29 years she has directed the incomparable Agape International Choir. Her transcendent spiritually charged music deeply touches the hearts of all she encounters through her solo concerts, charitable benefit concerts, women’s retreats, workshops, music festivals and speaking appearances. She has produced nine solo albums, has performed in five sessions with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, at GreenFestivals across North America, and at countless Peace Concerts that promote unity and the eradication of the prison industrial complex and slavery in other parts of the world. In being an example of change and possibility, Rickie supports numerous organizations that work tirelessly to improve the lives of others in underserved communities.


We are also pleased to announce Zachary Norris, Executive Director of Ella Baker Center for Human Rights and Co-Founder of Restore Oakland, will be joining the lineup of stellar speakers at the California Vision 2020 Conference.

CA Vision - Zachary Norris.png

Zach and the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights will be bringing programs, partners and leaders together for community based solutions around Redefining Public Safety. This is an amazing opportunity to learn from a true advocate and leader who has been working to end our nation’s youth incarceration epidemic. During the seven years he led the Books Not Bars campaign, he built California’s first statewide network for families of incarcerated youth, led the effort to close five youth prisons in the state, passed legislation to enable families to stay in contact with their loved ones, and defeated Prop 6—a destructive and ineffective criminal justice ballot measure. As Co-Founder of Restore Oakland, a joint initiative between Ella Baker Center for Human Rights and Restaurant Opportunities Centers United, he oversees a community advocacy and training center that empowers Bay Area community members to transform economic and justice systems and make a safe and secure future possible for themselves and for their families.


Zachary Norris and Rickie Byars Beckwith will join other remarkable luminaries who are doing work such as bridging partisan divides, advancing a sustainable economy, reforming the financial system, and creating holistic health care for all.

Groups like the the Courage Campaign and California Endowment are stepping up to make this event happen in a big way, with many more speakers to be announced!

At the deepest level, for us to truly thrive on the planet means a full upgrade to our consciousness and our culture’s operating system in a way we’ve never yet seen. If you’re wanting to take your own leadership to the next level and participate in co-creating real solutions, join us September 20–22, 2018 .

Reserve your tickets by midnight May 25th to lock in the best price available!

See you there!

In gratitude,

Stephen Dinan and The California Vision 2020 Conference Team