Sharing the California Vision 2020 this week!

We are at the pivotal moment in the next few days to build energy for the California Vision 2020 conference!

We have a terrific program (now including Dolores Huerta!) which now needs to be filled with the right leaders, from grassroots to political.

We have extended the *early registration discount to Sunday, Sept. 10th* and really need your help to get the right people to the event this week!

That means getting out email blasts and social media posts ASAP.  Can you work with us on this?

The main benefit is that, if we can make this first one sufficiently impactful, we will be able to propagate the best ideas around the state (and country) and build the early momentum into a lasting movement for positive change

There comes a point in the life of anything where it becomes a shared effort and shared vision.  As someone who has joined with us in manifesting the first phase of the vision, we're inviting you to stand up this week and help make this event a shining success.

There's simply too much dysfunction on the national level; California needs to shine to keep hope alive for a brighter future.  We can truly make a difference. Si, se puede.

Click on the button below to download a marketing kit with easy to cut-and-paste templates and graphics for email sends and social media posts.

We have a great team of presenters, partners, and staff and now need the full outreach power to activate.

Will you join us this week to get the right people there?  

Thank you so much for your service and partnership!

Best, Stephen Dinan, Laura Hansen, Michelle Alexander, Lora O'Connor, Elaine Carter, Judy Guadalupe, Joan Marie, and the full California Vision 2020 team