September 20-22, 2018

Sheraton Grand Hotel
Sacramento, CA


California Vision 2020-Illuminating Our Path to a Better Future

In a time of peril, California can light the path to a brighter future. We are the land of out-of-the-box thinking, startups and unprecedented ideas.

That's why we are the perfect incubator for societal change initiatives that can inspire the rest of the country and world.

We'll come together to envision — and execute — breakthroughs in the thorny areas that we are faced with, from homelessness to racism to poverty to sustainability.

Join in this convening. Bring your whole self into being a leader of positive change and connect your work with others who share your passion for shifting our world.

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Building on a very successful inaugural 2017 event, the second annual California Vision 2020 conference will be held on September 20-22, 2018, in Sacramento. Bringing together diverse agents of change to cross-pollinate and inspire others to join their efforts, the conference aims to rekindle hope for the future and more strongly establish California as a leader for the nation. By transcending partisan divide and showcasing innovative current and proposed solutions for social, economic and environmental issues, this conference series (planned annually through 2020) serves as an incubator for envisioning and co-creating a healthy, peaceful, and prosperous state.

Combining keynote addresses, panel presentations and musical performances, as well as roundtable discussions and other opportunities for learning and renewal, the event aims to bring together the rich diversity of our state, and help participants leave feeling empowered, inspired, engaged and motivated to work together to build a better California.

Join us to gain inspiration from bold vision plus opportunities for action, as we feature breakthrough solutions, game-changing ideas, deep dialogue, dazzling artistry and connections to a community of amazing leaders in Social Action, Politics, Business, and Personal Transformation.


Conference Themes to Explore

  • alleviating poverty

  • climate/environment/energy

  • community building/healthy communities

  • criminal justice

  • economics reform

  • education

  • government/politics

  • health care

  • immigration

  • social and racial healing

  • social justice

  • socially responsible business

  • transformative technology

  • transpartisanship

  • women’s empowerment


Benefits of Attending

  • Discover exciting, innovative, and gamechanging solutions

  • Rekindle hope for our future

  • Learn to think more strategically about creating change

  • Transcend partisan divides to work together

  • Network with amazing change leaders

  • Step into the next level of your leadership

  • Emerge empowered, inspired, and motivated

  • Join a campaign that is building the future, step by step


It's not too early to reserve your room at the Sheraton for 2018. Reservations for California Vision 2020 Attendee Block are available now:

Sheraton Grand Hotel
1230 J Street
Sacramento CA 95814