What will it take for humanity to evolve a world that is truly built on love, justice, and opportunity for all?

More than anything, we need living examples and new solutions to spark our imaginations and empower our actions. We need real innovations that can be demonstrated and shared.

California IS the best place to serve as the laboratory for that better future because we are known for our visionaries, trailblazers, and experimenters. It’s in our DNA to be the innovators in realms from technology, to culture, social movements, and more.

So what happens if we apply California’s visionary skills to our society’s most pressing problems and focus on game-changing solutions in areas from poverty to racism to energy to education?

The California Vision 2020 conference offers bold leadership in designing the future we want, with savvy social change agents, wisdom teachers, and political leaders giving voice to hopeful new ideas and bold new strategies.

Ultimately we’re coming together to advance a culture built on love, respect, and mutual empowerment. A culture in which we build bridges rather than walls. A culture in which we take our best ideas and make them even better.

If you resonate with this vision and are want to unify the best societal change strategies with the best inner practices for personal growth, healing, and leadership, join us to help California light up the world with new possibilities.

We’ll be showcasing innovations from a California Sustainability Moonshot to a California State Bank, from Schools of Love to transpartisan bridge-building. We’ll showcase dynamic youth leaders and seasoned wisdom teachers. Our tracks include:

  • alleviating poverty
  • civic engagement
  • civil rights for all
  • climate/environment/energy
  • community building/healthy communities
  • criminal justice
  • economics reform
  • education
  • government/politics
  • health care
  • immigration reform policy / practice
  • social and racial healing
  • social justice
  • socially responsible business
  • transformative technology
  • transpartisanship
  • women’s empowerment
  • youth leadership

You’ll emerge from the three days inspired, uplifted, and ready to manifest YOUR highest contribution.

This conference offers a profound antidote to the fear that we’re going down as a society. Instead, we recognize our calling to lift the world up… and have a GREAT time doing it with amazing ideas, rocking music, paradigm-shaking innovations, and a community of heart-centered changemakers.

Our goal is for California to become an even brighter beacon of positive change by 2020, with a clear roadmap for leading the way in the decades ahead. We aim to build a leadership network that activates ideas, builds grassroots momentum and ultimately creates political change we can be proud of.

That’s how we turn things around!